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Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Why Georgia?

Georgia is a beautiful Country with a lot of historic places, architecture, museums, stunning views of mountains and wild nature, black sea beach, ski resorts, natural mineral waters, one of the best cuisines in Europe, the land of wine and grapes and many more.

But what is it that makes Georgia truly unique destination for tourists and why 85% of people that ever visited this country keep coming back? Is it history? Buildings? Mountains? Or maybe wine?

No. It is the people that live in Georgia that make this place so special. It's their warm and welcoming attitude that creates a feeling that this is a home, where everyone's been waiting for you for a long time and here you are! Now everything is only about you and there is nothing more important than your happiness. This is what makes you want to stay there forever, enjoy everything around you and enjoy having fun with this people, share your life stories and listen to theirs and becoming friends for life with this incredible people.

There are so many different travel agencies out there that will plan a trip for you and show you everything around but we want to give you something more than just a trip. We want to give you an incredible feeling of being home with all the loved ones, taste of real homemade food and drinks, travel experience that goes beyond expectations and leaves you with one final thought; "Yes, I want to come back".

Yes, we've decided to give you not a trip, but a memory that will make you smile every time you think about it.

Introducing a seven day trip in Western Georgia.

Every morning starts with breakfast at the hotel, lunch boxes on the way and dinner at the most famous restaurants and in each City.

Day 1

Kutaisi City Tour

  • Old Town

  • Bagrati Cathedral

  • Gelati Monastery

  • Motssameta Monastery

  • Sataplia National Park & Prometheus cave

Kutaisi has a lot of stunning places and UNESCO protected buildings that will make your d

Day 2

Samegrelo Tour

  • Okatse Canyon

  • Martvili Canyon

  • Kinchkhi Waterfall

  • Dadiani Castle

Day 3 & 4

Svaneti Tour

  • Mestia

  • Ushguli


Day 5

Racha tour & Sairme Resort

  • Racha

  • Shaori Lake

  • Sairme

  • Abastumani

Day 6

Batumi Tour

  • Batumi

  • Anaklia

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