Kutaisi City Tour


Kutaisi is one of the oldest cities of Europe. According to Classical Greek mythology,  Colchis was the home of Aeëtes, Medea, the Golden Fleece, fire-breathing bulls Khalkotauroi and the destination of the Argonauts. The capital city of the Colchis Kingdom was Kutaisi (Aia). 

Nowadays it is a beautiful city with fascinating history, architecture, temples and richest archaeological museums, historic churches, historic buildings under UNESCO protection and many more. 

We will tell you the history of Kutaisi and show you the most incredible places you've ever seen. You will taste the best Georgian dishes and wine in the most famous restaurants in our Country and simply have fun in our city of humor and hospitality.


Kutaisi City Tour

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    Take Off - 11 am


    • Old town 

    • Bagrati Cathedral   -  XI century

    • Gelati Monastery    -  founded in 1106 by King "David The Builder"

    • Motsameta Church -  XI century

    • Sataplia Cave

    • Prometheus Cave



    Breakfast at the hotel

    Lunch boxes to go

    Dinner in finest restaurant in Town